Biden blacklists 10 other Chinese companies

The US government plans to add 10 Chinese companies to the blacklist of human rights violations in the northwestern region of Xinjiang. This was reported by Reuters news agency on Friday based on insiders. Listed companies cannot receive merchandise from the United States without a license. In addition, their economic traffic control is more stringent. Participating companies are unknown.

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Last month, the US Commerce Department added five Chinese companies to the list, following allegations of Chinese forced labor in the Xinjiang region. According to US President Joe Biden, those organizations are responsible for this. The White House may announce participating companies later on Friday. Biden has previously refused to comment on this move.

China get International Monetary for some time On the treatment of Uyghur minorities, held in so-called “re-education camps”. There are children separated from their parents. American and European governments consider persecution to be a form of genocide. The issue is diplomatically sensitive. In March, the European Union, the United States and Canada announced sanctions against China. The state itself rejects allegations of genocide and forced labor in Xinjiang.

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