Biden defends quick withdrawal: ‘Afghans must now do it themselves’

The US military withdrawal from Afghanistan will end earlier than planned. President Biden says the date is now August 31 instead of September 11. According to him, the withdrawal of forces is proceeding at a faster pace than expected.

According to Biden, the American goal of dismantling al-Qaeda and killing Osama bin Laden has been achieved. And with that, as far as it is concerned, the job is done.

“We have achieved these goals, and this is what we sought. We did not go to Afghanistan to build a nation, and it is the right and responsibility of the Afghan people to decide their future and how they want to run their country,” he said. Biden.

Taliban progress

The departure of the Western army and the rapid advance of the Taliban has caused concern among the Afghan population for weeks. The Taliban seized power in at least 150 of Afghanistan’s 421 districts within two months.

The Afghan military must now ensure security in the country, and Biden says he has confidence in that. He says an estimated 75,000 Taliban fighters should be “no match” for 300,000 Afghan security forces.

American units remain in the background: 650 soldiers remained in Afghanistan to guard, among other things, the American embassy and the airport in Kabul. And if necessary, the United States will send another 300 Americans to Afghanistan to ensure security.

Most Americans are already gone

Despite the growing influence of the Taliban, Biden is sticking to his (former) decision to leave. “The current security situation confirms that fighting for another year in Afghanistan is not a solution, but an affirmation that otherwise we should stay there forever,” he said.

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It is now up to the Afghans themselves, Biden says. Two weeks ago, Afghan President Ghani urged a peaceful solution. “Afghan leaders should come together and talk about a future that Afghans want and deserve,” the president said.

Dutch soldiers have also been active in Afghanistan for 20 years. Overview of 20 years in exactly 4 minutes:

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