Biden headline warning: Don’t provoke North Korea | Abroad

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) quoted North Korean leader Kim Yoo Jong’s sister as saying that the new leadership of the United States should not immediately cause disturbances in its first step if it wants peace.

The statement comes shortly after Washington announced that Pyongyang has not yet responded to the United States’ request to enter into a dialogue. Our goal is to reduce the risk of escalation. A White House spokesman said, “We have not received any response yet.” President Biden described North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, as a “criminal” during his election campaign. He said he would only meet him if he agreed to phase out his nuclear arsenal.

Trump affinity

Under the former president, the relationship between the two arch foes initially seemed a bit relaxed, even after Trump’s tweet “ Little Rocketman, ” but the relationship gradually ebbed again.

With great arms, North Korea ended diplomacy with Trump, even though the US President and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un held three high-level summits. But Trump refused to lift sanctions as long as Kim did nothing to dismantle his nuclear weapons.

There has been a major shift in the White House now that Joe Biden is in power, says foreign editor Frank Van Fleet on the American Podcast. Uncle Joe – A Look at the United States:

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