Biden ready to use force to defend Taiwan: ‘China flirts with danger’ | Abroad

US President Joe Biden has said the United States is ready to use force to defend Taiwan against China. He says the country imposed that promise on him.

He made the remarks at a press conference during his visit to Tokyo, Japan. Shortly afterwards, Biden’s spokesman cut short his words. According to a spokesman, the United States is committed to providing military support to Taiwan to defend itself. So it is not entirely clear what Biden means.

“China is flirting with danger,” Biden said. Chinese planes recently flew very close to Taiwan, and last month the Chinese military conducted a military exercise near the island state.

Biden said he was not opposed to the unification of Taiwan and China, but that it should not be done through military intervention under any circumstances. “It will destabilize the whole region as it is happening in Ukraine.” China has previously said US support for Taiwan is even more dangerous.

China angry

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry welcomed Biden’s support. Taiwan says it will continue to invest heavily in the military with Japan and the United States to guarantee the island’s security.

China, in response to Biden’s remarks on Monday, said the US president should not underestimate China’s commitment. “No one should underestimate China’s commitment, determination and strong ability to defend national sovereignty,” a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

China, which does not recognize Taiwan as a separate country, sees it as part of China. In 1949, Chinese leaders expelled by the Communists fled to the island and established the Republic of China (Taiwan).

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