Biden wants to renew nuclear deal with Russia

New US President Biden wants to renew an expired agreement with Russia on nuclear weapons control. His spokesman said it was in the best interests of the United States, “especially now that relations with Russia are hostile.”

It is about the ‘fresh start’ agreement since 2010, in which the United States and Russia agreed to have more than 1,500 nuclear weapons in operation each.

The contract expires in two weeks. Presidents Trump and Putin have been negotiating an extension in recent years, but have not been able to agree.

‘Anchor of strategic stability’

Soon after Biden took office this week, Russia announced that it was already open for a five-year extension. Biden’s predecessor Trump’s negotiation strategy was, according to the Kremlin Aggressive and counter-productive And aims to “remove all restrictions on the building and use of military force” – a significant statement that the Kremlin has made a priority for President Trump over the years.

Biden is very keen on such an extension, his spokesman says. He called the agreement “the anchor of strategic stability between our two countries.”

According to a Fitzgerald spokesman, the compromise did not mean that the air between the United States and Russia was removed. The United States continues to hold Russia accountable for “irresponsible and hostile actions” such as the poisoning of opposition leader Navalny and its attempt to influence the US election.

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