Big gym should make room for gym lessons from schools: ‘We are being pushed away’

A group of about 35-40 elderly people who participate in sports feel neglected by the municipality. For years they have been practicing on Thursdays at 10:00 at Sporthal De Pijp on the Lizzy Anzinghstraat in Amsterdam, but since the hall is currently under renovation, they are training at the Amstelpark. People over 55 don’t think it’s a problem outside of sports, but fear that when the hall is ready, They can no longer return to the gym at the hour they desire.

“Officially we will be back in November, but there are rumors that it may not be possible, because schools have priority,” says Christian Fisch, who speaks on behalf of the top athletes. “We love to get moving. We feel it’s good for us. It gives us energy to get through the day and the week. It’s so important.”

The municipality that rents out the halls in the hall, AT5/NH Amsterdam Know that the demand from surrounding schools for a sports site is increasing due to the increase in the number of classes. According to the municipality, the destination of the hall will remain unchanged after the renovation. Older people can still go there, but not at the same time.

“Maybe we’re allowed somewhere at lunchtime, but our teacher can’t,” Fish says. “A lot of us don’t want to exercise in the afternoon, it’s not a good time. Either take a nap or start your day. We always worked there, there were never schools. We feel pushed away.”

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