Bill Cosby “played a comedian” after his release | stars

“We stayed up until 2 a.m. laughing at each other. He played the comedian like he always does,” his spokesperson Andrew White said. Cosby ate pizza the way he always wanted before going to jail.” Slightly burnt, fresh basil, mozzarella and sauce. It’s his favourite.”

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that Cosby’s prison sentence was unlawful. In 2005, the comedian reached an agreement in a civil case over the abuse he was accused of by Andrea Konstand. As a result, according to the court, he should not have been charged again with the same charge. The use of too many “character witnesses” would have undermined the case. Prosecutors spoke about several other defendants during the trial to show that there was a pattern in Cosby’s behavior.

The court ruling did not touch on the substance of the case, as Constand accused The Cosby Show star of drugging and raping her. She is one of dozens of women who came up with stories of such crimes by Cosby. However, most of the cases fall under the statute of limitations.

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