Billie Jean King Cup: Belgium to meet Australia and Slovakia in final | Billie Jean King Cup

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) today drew for the final round of the Billie Jean King Cup, the former Fed Cup. Belgium women will meet 7-time winners Australia in November in Glasgow, Scotland, 2021 and Slovakia.

The 12 qualified nations are divided into 4 groups of 3 teams, with the 4 group winners advancing to the semi-finals.

Belgium qualified for the final without playing. Belgium women’s team should have played a jump-off against Belarus. Belgium received the final ticket after the country was suspended by the ITF for supporting neighboring Russia in its invasion of Ukraine.

Last year, the Belgium women were slaughtered in the group stage of the Billie Jean King Cup. They defeated Belarus in their first group match, but then lost to Australia and lost the semi-finals.

Defending champions Russia are also barred from participating this year due to their invasion of Ukraine.

The Billie Jean King Cup will be held at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow from November 8 to 13.

4 groups in the final round:

  • Group A: Switzerland, Canada, Italy
  • Group B: Australia, Slovakia, Belgium
  • Group C: Spain, Kazakhstan, Great Britain
  • Group D: Czech Republic, USA, Poland
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