Bird flu in Hobby farmer Heaton: Owners watch being emotionally killed

Owners watch passionately as their swan, duck and other birds are killed. The highly pathogenic H5 variant of the virus has been identified in animals. Therefore, a traffic ban has been imposed within a radius of ten kilometers around the yard.

Compassion from the Mayor

Rolde Municipality Mayor Martin Tadema has been in contact with the affected bird watcher. He has also seen that there are many emotions in Haydn’s yard. The traffic ban affects 36 poultry farms in the region. Thadema says he wants to mediate to help them and contact the ministry if necessary.

What is bird flu?

Bird flu (bird flu, AI) is the collective name for various influenza viruses. Has a mild and dangerous form. The dangerous form is also known as classic bird flu. Most viruses are of the mild type; Low-grade bird flu (LPAI). Animals show mild symptoms of the disease. However, with H5 or H7 bird flu, it can become highly contagious; Avian Influenza (HPAI). For that reason, companies are also expelled from the mild form in the event of an H5 or H7 explosion. (Source: WUR)

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