Bitcoin (PTC) as a gift for the Covit-19 vaccine? The Australian millionaire is going to organize it Crypto Insiders

Key measures are currently being taken to control the global Govt-19 epidemic. According to the governments of many countries, vaccination is the most important way to do this. However, not everyone wants to be vaccinated for a variety of reasons.

In order to get the vaccination rate as high as possible, the skeptics are being persuaded by all means. Both government agencies and private organizations try to force people to get vaccinated through rewards, or by restricting the freedom of non-vaccinated people.

Bitcoin in exchange for a jab (PTC)

A. in Australia Pretty special way Used to accomplish this. Australian entrepreneur and billionaire Fred Shebesta will personally give money to people in the country Bitcoin (PTC) If they can prove that they have been vaccinated recently.

Shebesta is the founder of a financial comparison website Finder. Since the business was good, he has now amassed $ 155 million in assets.

He will give about $ 5 per person in the largest form Cryptocurrency. This means that Shebesta would have to pay about $ 104 million if the entire population of Australia were vaccinated. This is more than half of his total assets.

“I have this bizarre idea right now. I’m never talked about it.

To be rewarded, vaccinators must download the Finder app. In use, people must provide a vaccination certificate, after which these users can receive their $ 5 worth of bitcoin. Of course, everyone can receive this reward only once.

Currently, less than half of the Australian population over the age of 16 is vaccinated with at least 1 shot. The percentage of the fully vaccinated population is about 27%. It remains to be seen whether this move by Shebesta will have a significant impact on the vaccine rate.

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