Bitcoin saved the life of a redditor’s dog

Bitcoin is increasingly mentioned at the same time with geopolitical and macroeconomic topics. However, online digital money also makes a big difference on a small scale. A US Redditor shares how Bitcoin made it possible to fund cancer treatment for his dog Derby.

Bitcoin Cure

The story can be read in reddit, where “dojeckahedron” tells us more about Derby. The dog had metastatic cancer and therefore needed radiation. The man tells how he sold all his bitcoins to make this cure possible.

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Dojeckahedron says he is “grateful” that they provided bitcoin to give the Derby what it needed.

The family started collecting bitcoin “at the beginning of the epidemic.” In March 2020, when most of the world was in lockdown, many retail investors started reading about bitcoin. Also dojeckahedrons:

“I think we made our first investment in April 2020 and then invested mostly in our stimulus checks, along with some small buying during some of the dips.”

The Redditor has since doubled its digital assets. Partly because of this, they were able to pay for the Derby transaction without financial problems. The dog’s brother suffered the same fate six years ago, but he did not survive. Derby is now doing a much better job!

A gift

Then the Reddit and bitcoin community also got involved. on Title The ones shared by the Americans (at the guard’s request) actually amounted to a few hundred dollars. His post also received more than 10,000 upvotes.

Doggyahedron says the love for pets was greater than the elusive internet’s love:

“In the end, money is just money. Our dog, Derby has been our best friend and very loyal companion for over 12 years.”

The animal is now working fine: “Otherwise he is very healthy and the prognosis with treatment is very good.”

Bitcoin saved the life of a redditor's dog

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