Bizarre TikTok trend causes a stir during screenings of ‘The Rise of Gru’

New Minions movies, called ascending grouse, just like its predecessors, is a huge success. However, the animated film is also causing “problems” in the UK. Several British cinemas are taking measures to counter the new trend on TikTok.

This concerns large groups of young people, who all go to the cinema in an elegant suit. This started somewhat innocently, but is now happening in many parts of the country. So the necessary videos have been put on TikTok, sometimes making these guys very colorful in cinemas.

While most young people are well behaved, some movie theaters want to make sure that the minority also adhere to the rules. Major movie theater chain Odeon is now taking steps to combat this and no longer accepts dressing up for its screens. These guys, also known as “Gentleminions,” are backed by Universal Studios, the main producer of the Minions movies.

As a studio spokesperson said:We just want to say something to everyone who comes to see the Minion in a tailor-made suit: We see you and love you!See below the TikTok video (which has already been viewed nearly 4 million times!) in which a large group of “Gentelminions” go to the cinema.

@lyndon.c despicable off #fyp #Minion # O Lord # retweet #a respectful person ♬ original sound – dates
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