May 25, 2024


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Blow for John de Mol: Prestige Avastars project goes down ruthlessly with just 304,000 viewers | Displays

Blow for John de Mol: Prestige Avastars project goes down ruthlessly with just 304,000 viewers |  Displays

in Avastars Perform virtual characters created by a dancer and singer. The duo provides the voice and movements of the computer-animated performer. The presentation of the program is in the hands of Kelvin Burma (Calvin) and the judging panel consists of Nicky Romero, Nick Schilder, Simon Kaiser and Dan Karaty.

With 304,000 viewers it went Avastars Very bad start. So it scores less than the previous flop ministries And it records only slightly better numbers than Nix factorthat was relocated to Deep on Saturday Night earlier this week. It’s a huge blow for John de Mol, who sees a third talent show flop in a short time on SBS 6. After previously having good reviews and ratings for Tribute: Battle of the Bands.

The program gets the full class on social media. Viewers on Twitter feel almost unanimously negative about it Avastars. “I thought I was watching a bunch of drunken Sims, but it turned out to be John D. Mol’s new hobby,” one wrote. “You really have to watch this show with sheer willpower,” says another. Again someone else compares Avastars With short-lived shows on the tube, too: “During Avastars I suddenly thought how cute Cola show It was actually.”

Technology is also affected. Presenter Calvin mentions several times that the latest technology was used to create the characters, but viewers disagree with this. Avastars on Twitter are often compared to Sims, dolls from the world famous life simulation game. “Only when an avastar is so lifelike that you can’t see any difference with a real person can this become a thing,” journalist Ron Vergoen wrote. “And the judges just pretend they’re cool. They don’t even see them!”

With only 304,000 viewers, Avastars falls outside the top 25 most watched shows. The most watched program on the channel was the talk show on Fridays indoors todayWhich ranked eleventh, with 748,000 viewers. Traditionally, it was the best watched program of the day NOS News at 8pm on NPO 1, which was watched by over 2.1 million people. The police series came in second policemen maastricht, which attracted more than 1.5 million viewers to NPO 1. The top 3 was completed by Van Duin’s in the back seat on NPO 1, which was watched by over 1.3 million people.

Watch a clip from the first episode of Avastars here:

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