Bodies, bodies and bodies in cinemas from August 25

From 25 August 2022 Bodies, bodies, bodiesIn Dutch cinemas. This new feature film is director Helena Reine’s first international production about a party that has spiraled out of control by a group of super-rich in their twenties, including Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, and Pete Davidson. The film currently has a score of 96%. rotten tomatoes† View Below tractor

Bodies Bodies and Bodies

Bodies, bodies, bodies

When a group of wealthy people in their twenties throw a hurricane party in a remote villa, the game spirals out of control. The movie gives a fresh and funny look at stabbing fake friends in the back and a party that is completely derailed.

The staff includes Amandla Stenberg (the hate you give), Maria Bakalova, Mihala Herold, Chase Sue Wonders, Rachel Sinnott, Lee Pace, and Pete Davidson (King of Staten Island

The film is directed by Helena Reagan, based on a screenplay by Sarah Dilab. The film was shown in the South West at the South West Festival and was very well received in the United States. The movie got great reviews from varietyIndiewire And the The Hollywood Reporter† Ren said:

†[It’s] Like mean girls meet lord of the flies. The arrival of a hurricane does not help reduce the stress levels of the characters, which cuts off the power of the palace. Electricity goes down [they] It pretty much ends up in the wilderness, surrounded by purported friends from Facebook and Instagram,” says Borat Subsequent Moviefilm actress and Bodies Bodies member Maria Bakalova. “But are they actually friends?”

the film Bodies, bodies, bodies It will be shown in cinemas in the Netherlands from 25 August 2022.

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