Body odor makes men calmer, but women more aggressive

Our bodies send all kinds of substances to the world. Some you can see, some you can smell a little, but there are also some that we are not consciously aware of. However, those substances, for example, that are in our breath or that are released from the skin, can contain an important message.

Body odor makes men calmer, but women more aggressive

They can even influence the behavior of those around us. To test this, scientists from Israel examined the odorless substance Hexa-, or HEX. They let both men and women smell the scent and watch what happened in their brains. In men they observed activity in the brain indicating decreased aggression, but in women they observed activity indicating increased aggression.

Well, HEX can be found in large quantities on the heads of newborn babies, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s an evolutionary ploy from the animal kingdom to keep the little ones safe. Whereas, women with a little aggressiveness can better protect their offspring, and men with a little less threatening.

paper: Sniffing the human body with a hexagonal volatile channel prevents aggression in men but provokes aggression in women.

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