Bodytherapy Friesland moves to Shutterport Health Center

HeereNVEEN – Clinic Podotherapie Friesland will replace the Haskerbrug Health Center with the Schoterpoort Health Center in Heerenveen on 1 July.

More space is being created in the health center at Burgemeester Falkenaweg, so that wants and needs can be better met. Podotherapy Friesland has been operating in the Haskerbrug Health Center for ten years and, in addition to its location in Heerenveen, it is also located in Leeuwarden, Joure, Sneek and Bolsward.

Susan Heldens from Podotherapie Friesland is very excited about the location in Heerenveen: “We are looking forward to the new venue. The fact that we can also offer sports podiatry in Heerenveen in addition to regular podiatry and diabetic podiatry makes us very proud. After all, Heerenveen presents itself as a sports city. And with our knowledge in the field of sports podiatry we can also play a good role in it. Soon we will have our own space with more rooms and we can make adjustments, for example, to the soles of the site.”

Not everyone will be familiar with the term podiatry. A podiatrist is concerned with the prevention and treatment of foot, ankle, knee, hip and back complaints. Joint complaints or motion can lead to a posture that causes more physical discomfort. A podiatrist investigates the causes of these complaints and provides customized solutions to reduce or resolve these complaints. This includes treatment, often with the help of insoles or custom orthotic devices.

Heldens: “We regularly treat people who have been unable to move freely for a long time or who experience pain during exercise. It is very helpful to help these people with their complaints. Whether it is a person who wants to walk again or a senior athlete who wants to play football or ski without pain “.

Podotherapy Friesland has been around for 10 years this year. More information about Podotherapy Friesland can be found at

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