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The Dutch Safety Council on Monday released a Boeing 747 that had engine problems over Mersen on Saturday afternoon, shortly after it took off from Maastricht Aachen Airport.

The OVV will keep the damaged engine and the black box containing flight information for further investigation, a spokeswoman for the Dutch Safety Council explains.

Engine replacement
Longtail Aviation said in a press release that the shipment had been released and remained intact. The airline expects to be able to restart the Boeing 747-400 within this week: “A replacement engine has been loaded onto another Longtail Boeing 747 aircraft and is now on its way to Liege airport in Belgium where a team of technicians are ready to replace the engine.” .

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The Bermuda-registered cargo plane was on its way to New York, but was forced to divert to Liege shortly after taking off at 4.10 pm after an accident with an engine. The airport reported a fire in the car. As a result, the plane lost the wreckage over Mersenne. The villagers heard two duets and saw bursts of flame from the left engine. Falling metal parts caused damage to cars and homes. The plane flew three engines and landed safely in Liege.

Cause is unknown
Nothing is known yet about the cause. A Longtail Aviation spokesperson says it’s too early to talk about possible causes of the engine problem. “We will of course continue to provide the researchers with all the assistance they need to continue their work. Our flight crew handled this situation professionally and in accordance with the correct flight regulations, resulting in a safe and quiet landing. Belgium, Bermuda and the UK to determine the cause of this accident.”

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law enforcement
The Dutch Safety Authority and the Police Flight Investigation Department are investigating the accident. The police are trying to find out if there is guilt.

Pratt & Whitney
The engine of the cargo plane is Pratt & Whitney, but according to Longtail Aviation, it is of a different type from the damaged engine in the fire, which crashed in parts Saturday in residential areas near the US city of Denver. “The Denver accident also involved the Pratt & Whitney engine, but it was a different model and was a more serious defect,” a Longtail Aviation spokesperson said.

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Boeing has advised customers to leave the Boeing 777-200 on the ground for the time being.

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