Bolsonaro calls on his supporters to end highway closures

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Brazilian President Bolsonaro has called on his supporters to end the country’s roadblocks. After it became clear that the right-wing politician had lost Sunday’s election, his supporters laid siege to protest the result.

“You are sad and expecting something different, and so am I,” Bolsonaro said in a video message on Twitter. But I am appealing to the demonstrators: clear the roads.”

According to the president, the barriers make demonstrations against the election results illegal. He called on people to protest the results in other places such as arenas.

Transport of goods

The Federal Highway Police said there were still 126 dams on the highways in Brazil last night. The night before there were about 190.

Many of the protesters are truck drivers, an important part of Bolsonaro’s supporters. He lowered fuel prices during his presidency. A lot of goods are transported by road.

This is what the obstacles looked like at the beginning of the week:

Roadblocks as resistance to Brazil’s new president

Bolsonaro narrowly lost the presidential election to his leftist rival Lula da Silva on Sunday. Only two days later he responded to the results for the first time. In a brief statement, he said he would continue to follow the constitution. The chief of staff added that Bolsonaro agreed to the transfer of power.

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