Bonduel wishes Russian soldiers ‘all the best and a speedy victory’ with food packages –

The French food company Bonduelle, known for canned vegetables, sent food parcels to 10,000 Russian soldiers, writing: “Dear soldier! Happy New Year! We wish you all the best and a speedy victory!” writes investigative journalist Robert van der Norda.

After the Russian army invaded Ukraine, Bondel refused to cease its activities in Russia, as had many other companies. The distribution of food parcels was confirmed by Ekaterina Eliseeva, head of the Eurasian Bonduelle department, saying: “Sincere wishes for a quick victory (from the Russian army) are as important as the food parcels themselves.”

The most surprising vegetable today
Van der Noordaa dedicated eleven tweets to the scandal, which has also received increasing attention in the French media over the past 24 hours. The evidence is piling up. Meanwhile, Bonduel categorically denies that they support the Russian military, claiming that the only reason they are active in Russia is to continue feeding the population.

Bonduel not only refused to stop in Russia, but they also sent parcels to the Russian soldiers. And this image appeared on Twitter,” the investigative journalist tweeted:

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