Bonnie St Clair relieved by her autobiographical responses to alcoholism | gossip

“Exceeding expectations,” says Bonnie, who has recorded successful results with Dr. Bernard and Piero, among others, in a conversation with the ANP. “I am very happy with that. You ask yourself: “How will people react to this?” I found it very exciting. But friend and foe are excited.”

In a book called A woman came to the liquor store, Bonnie wants to get rid of her image as an alcoholic once and for all. “That was really my biggest reason for writing this book. The media only talked about this drink. I was addicted, I admit. But the picture was so bad that everyone thought I was sitting on the sofa all day. That’s just part of the story. I want Also to show the person behind the glass.” That is why the drink, how she got into it and what role she played in her life, is only part of her biography.

Bonnie hopes people will get a more complete picture of her after reading the book. “And I also secretly wish people with the same problem I did would read it,” she notes, referring to her alcoholism. “I hope they find the same strength as I have to stop and never start again.”

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