Book. SJ WATSON – flashback (Antwerp)

British writer SJ Watson could never have imagined that his first psychological movie Before I Go to Bed would be cast by Hollywood for a movie starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth. But reality is really stranger than fiction and Watson has suspended his job as an audiologist to devote himself full time to writing.

His latest book, Flashback, is set in Blackwood, a British seaside town, after years of tourism in Blackwood, a British seaside town that, after years of tourism boom, appears to have fallen into a deep sleep. When director Alex arrives for a social media project around town, he raises suspicions in the local community.

What does this outlet have with Blackwood Bay? Does her arrival have anything to do with the sad fate of Daisy Willis, the 15-year-old who jumped off the rocks at the time?

Or with the disappearance of some other girls? Watson shows himself once again as a master at portraying psychological nuances and the medical consequences of mental illness. In this case, dissociative amnesia, as our brain creates a defense mechanism against traumatic events. A slow smart novel that relies mainly on tension under the skin.

Ambu / Anthos, 420 p


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