Boone breaks the world record despite hallucinations

Ultrasporter driver Matthew Bony covered no less than 3,619 kilometers in seven days in the United States, thus setting another world record to his name. However, he encountered setbacks along the way. “Mentally, this was the hardest thing I have ever done.”


At 10:58 p.m. local time Sunday in Phoenix, Arizona, cheers erupted from the support vans escorting Matthew Boone, 29,. He achieved his goal of cycling 3,590 km in a week with an extra hour. Routes at midnight on 3619 km. Crazy performance. Every day he cycles 500 km and spends 20 hours on the bike.

After he arrived he was exhausted, but he was also elated. “Physically it was very challenging and mentally it was definitely the hardest adventure I’ve ever been on.” The West Fleming, known from the TV show Camp WeissHowever, he was not ready for his audition piece. In 2020 he managed to be the first to swim the entire Belgian coast, and last year he completed eight more races in eight days in the Canary Islands.

rain and wind

Boone deliberately went to the state of Arizona in the United States to try to set his new world record. Long straight roads, little traffic and fair weather conditions are ideal. Although the team was a bit unlucky with the latter. “We had a lot of rain and winds that constantly changed direction,” he said.

During one of the first days, he was forced to stand still for several hours to ride out a storm. At one point, the road was partially washed away. The lost hours he could not make up for. I lost more than a hundred kilometers that day. It wasn’t really optimal for my record.”

However, sleep deprivation took a toll. “I had four hours a day to do everything but cycle: sleep, shower, eat, stretch. Then you have to decide for yourself what’s most important.” However, he managed to stay up on the bike for seven days. “I succeeded in the early days because I started the challenge well rested, but as the days progressed the sleep deprivation started to build up. I started hallucinating.”

Plan your day well

Biking for a long time is very monotonous and so Boone had tricks to keep it going. “I never thought about the end of the day and how long I had to ride the bike. I set a small goal for myself or was looking forward to a ten-minute break. That way you can handle it better.”

He also had to eat every twenty minutes to get enough calories. “I could never eat as many calories as I burned. Every five hours I’d eat a real meal, but eventually your stomach can’t handle so many of those gels and bars and sports drinks. Now I’ve had enough of sugary foods.”

There were five people to accompany him. “It certainly wouldn’t have been possible without my team,” he said. “These people are worth gold.”

Bonn eventually circled exactly 3,619.72 kilometers. He was burning an average of 10,000 calories a day, and in addition to classic sports nutrition, he ate burgers, pasta, cookies, and lots of M&M’s. He only had one flat tire, cycled in temperatures between 2 and 25 degrees Celsius, and had 3 hours and 2 trackers follow him and record his data. His achievement is officially a Guinness World Record.

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