Boris Becker has been released and deported from the UK

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Former German tennis player Boris Becker has been released from British prison and will be deported from the country. This was announced by the government in London.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, “Any alien convicted of a crime deserves to be deported at the first opportunity.” The statement does not substantively address Baker’s case.

Becker, 55, was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison in April for withholding 2.5 million euros from his will after declaring bankruptcy in 2017.

The German has been living in the British capital since 2012 but is now not allowed to enter the UK again.


The six-time Grand Slam winner has always denied any wrongdoing. In court at the time, he said he had left his financial affairs to counselors due to lack of time and knowledge. Nor had he been informed in a timely manner of the obligations he had after his bankruptcy.

Becker had a capital of 150 million euros, but he also spent a lot of money. After he stopped playing tennis, he led a turbulent life, financially as well. Much of the money went into making arrangements with his ex-wives and supporting his children.

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