Born in the winter? This is what the search says about you

Were you born in the winter? According to research, that can say something about your personality and mental health, both positively and negatively. Of course, everyone is different, but there are amazing similarities.

You’re probably less angry than people who were born in a different season. But don’t celebrate too early: Research shows you’re more likely to be depressed later in life.

born in winter

If you were born in winter, your birthday will be from December 21 to March 20. Astrologers have argued for thousands of years that the position of the planets during birth can predict a person’s character and even his future. So far, there has been no scientific proof of this, but it now turns out that there may be more books written in the stars than we previously thought. according to Hungarian Research The season in which we are born not only affects our mood but also predicts how prone we are to developing certain mood disorders.

Greater chance of mental illness

Hungarian scientists studied 400 people to find out. Admittedly, this is not a large-scale study. But they are not the first to claim such a thing. Search From Queen Mary University already showed in 2012 that schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder are associated with the month in which people are born.

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Vitamin D

Science is learning more and more about the exact reasons for this. It is possible that the mother’s absorption of vitamin D has something to do with it. This is shown by Survey from 2019 from Cardiff University among 316 prenatal and postpartum women. In winter, the risk of vitamin D deficiency is greater. The researchers found that women who gave birth in the fall or winter had more of the stress hormone cortisol than women who gave birth in the spring or summer. “Our numbers show that fall and winter babies are exposed to exceptionally high levels of cortisol right before they are born,” said Professor Ross John. Saliva research has shown that women who gave birth in the fall or winter had an average of 20 percent more cortisol just before giving birth than women who gave birth in the spring or summer.

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less often angry

Well, you may be more prone to depression or mental illness, but you’re less cranky. Scientists in the Hungarian study discovered positive things, too. For example, people born in the summer are most sensitive to violent mood swings between happiness and melancholy. People born in winter are more resistant to it. They are less easy to get eccentric. Winter children appear to be less irritable at a later age than fall children, but they are more sensitive to depression than people born in the fall. Excessive personality disorder, a tendency to be overly positive, is more common in people born in the spring or summer.

Again, everyone is different. But who knows, you might recognize yourself in the search results.

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