Boston Celtics legend KC Jones has died at the age of 88

Take a look at his list of achievements: Twelve NBA Championships as a player and coach, two NCAA rings and one Olympic gold medal. This makes him one of only eight players in the history to reach the “triple crown” of basketball.

In fact, winning and Jones went hand in hand, the ‘C’ standing comedy in KC stood out for the championship.

The Boston Celtics announced Friday that Jones died at the age of 88 this week.

He did not disclose the cause of death or say exactly when he died.

“KC Jones was one of the most decorated champions in the history of our game,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said in a statement. “KC’s extraordinary achievements and impact will be remembered for a long time.”

Jones’ death is the second passing of a famous Celtic man this year.

Last month, Hall of Famer Tommy Heinzone dies at 86. His legacy will always be tied to the Celtics, where he played in 17 owners’ championships – from player to coach to color commentator.

College years

According to his profile On the NBA’s site, Jones grew up in a poor family in Texas during the recession.

KC is the name given to him. He was named after his father, Casey Jones, a famous railroad engineer.

His parents divorced when he was 9 years old. Jones also moved to San Francisco with his mother and siblings.

“There he learned to play basketball on a gravel in a poor area,” the profile said.

Jones studied at the University of San Francisco. He spoke softly, but with a strong presence.

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The 6-foot-1 guard revealed his identity with defensive plays, sticking to glue-like enemies, denying opportunities, and endlessly deceiving them.

In college, he teamed up with Bill Russell – another player whose name is synonymous with “legend” – and won two NCAA Championships.

Both were part of the American team that won gold at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

After two years in the army, Jones joined the Celtics. He was on a journey to seal his place in the history books.

Years of playing

“In NBA history, only teammates Bill Russell and Sam Jones have had more championship rings in their playing careers,” Celtics said in a statement, describing Jones’ achievements.

Jones played nine seasons in the NBA – all in Boston.

Finished in eight NBA Championships.

After the Celtics lost to 76 players in the 1967 Eastern Division final, Jones decided it was time to retire.

When he did, the Celtics retired his 25th jersey.

The days when he won are over. The days when he won as coach were about to begin.

Training years

After coaching at Brandeis University, Los Angeles Lakers and Washington Bullet, Jones returned to the Celtics.

He was named head coach of the Celtics in 1983. In four of the five seasons he has played that role, he has led the team to the NBA Finals.

“I ask the players, my job is to give them guidance and a platform to act, but you have to allow them to use their own creativity and imagination.” he said His training style. “It’s their game, they want to let it play.”
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