Boxer Artgum Kasparian convinces of his professional appearance: ‘The Netherlands needs a new champion’

Rotterdamer Kasparian (25) would have preferred to continue for a while, he says afterward. “I really wanted to put on several more rounds, but my eyes were opened with a blow to the head, so I thought: Now I’m dropping it. When I dropped it the first time I still shouted: Get up, get up! It took a very short time. I trained hard, and I suffered. Hard. Then you can finally and then it ends very quickly. You want to have more of it, experience above all. I hope from now on I can work a little more hours in the ring. “

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Kasbarian did not have any specific expectations about his successful professional debut on Friday. “But I knew that good amateur boxers often do a good job in professional boxing, especially at the start of their careers. So I got into that ring with confidence. Then it was about thinking, discovering. You’re actually getting into a new sport.”

Professional boxing champion

The Olympic Games in Tokyo, later this year, will pass Kasparian’s nose. So he has a new goal: “Take on professional boxing, to become world champion. The Netherlands needs a new champion. Professional boxing champion. I want to play this role.”

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Besides Kasparian, a number of Dutch boxers participated in Hall No. 4 on Friday evening, for example, the Dutch amateur team TeamNL lost 4-1 to Belgium. After defeats at the hands of Mounir Safi, Delano James, Grades Krause and Rick de Nueger, only Gino da Fonseca managed to defeat his Belgian opponent.

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In a professional match later in the evening, Limburger Xavier Cullen was too strong for Octavian Gratti on points. Willie Kyakuni finished the evening with a knockout in the first round over Bosnian Harris Gridl.

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