Bram Chardon leads the NK Four-in-Hand

Bram Chardon took a big step in Bikbergen towards his first national title in quads. Chardon has undergone a strong dressage test and is in the lead in both the Dutch championship and the international competition. Defending champion Koos de Ronde currently won the silver medal in NK.

The spectacle of Beekbergen horses once again sets the backdrop for this year’s Dutch four-man tournament. On the grounds of the Riant Equestrian Center, thirty-four appeared on the arena today for a dressage test. Internationally, there are eight Dutch teams competing for the national championship.

three dozen
European champion Bram Chardon has already won the championship five times with his four-legged pony, but has never won the title in horses. Chardon started well in Beekbergen. He led an excellent test, which was rewarded by the judges with good marks (37.52 penalty points). For the overall impression, Bram Chardon earned no less than three out of 10. With this good result, Chardon took first place in the average rating of both the Dutch national championships and the international competition.
Immediately after Bram Chardon, Koos de Ronde was allowed to enter the dressage arena. The rider from Zwartewaal, who has been defending his title since 2019, is far behind Chardon with 48.91 penalty points, but the strongest part (the marathon) is yet to come.
Anthony ter Harmsel is currently on the bronze medal with 54.64. Ter Harmsel is already a Dutch champion in pairs (2017), and this year he will be in the Netherlands with four races for the first time.

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NK Para driving
After dressage, Ingmar Feynman advances in the middle rankings of the National Motoring Championship. The five judges unanimously agreed that Feynman had the best dressage test on a turf track in Beckbergen. With 47.36 penalty points, it surpasses Dinga Steenkamp who is second after the first half with 55.17 penalty points.

The duo competed for the national title last month. Hungarian Martin Hölle takes the lead in the International Bilateral Driving Competition. The reigning world champion is nine penalty points ahead of his nearest competitor. Rinz Eberinc is the highest-ranking Dutchman. Temporarily occupying sixth place with 53.90 penalty points.

NK quadruped intermediate position in the hand – after the dressage part
1. Bram Chardon (Dean Horn) – 37.52
2. Cos de Ronde (Zwarte Waal) – 48.91
3- Anthony Ter Harmsel (Rissen) 54.64

NK Para-driving ranking – after the dressage part
1. Ingmar Feynman (Exloërmond II) – 47.36
2- Dinga Steenkamp (Possum) – 55.17
3 – Ad van Marwijk (Hunderloo) 58.11


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