Brandsward Dagblad | CDA: Conserving acreage for biodynamic farming

During the governorate council meeting last Wednesday, the Community Development Authority said that there must be room for vital and future agriculture. On behalf of the CDA, Jaco Kastelein made a proposal not to rely blindly on theoretical models of nitrogen targets, but on a broader study of nature’s goals with room for cultivation.

Nitrogen problem
The current nitrogen problem in the Netherlands is caused by high nitrogen deposition in nature reserves. Formally, nitrogen deposition should revert to what are called critical deposition values ​​(KDWs), but this varies by type of nature. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) concluded in a recently published report that in order to achieve critical sedimentation values, the necessary and historically unprecedented transformation of “agricultural land” in the Netherlands must be considered. According to the PBL, strict nitrogen targets have far-reaching consequences for rural areas.

planting room
According to CDA member states and dairy farmer Jaco Kastelein, there should be room in the south of the Netherlands for vital and future farming. “In Zuid Holland, efforts are being made to make the agricultural sector more sustainable. A sector that is also taking important steps in reducing nitrogen emissions.” According to Kastelein, the county plays an important role in identifying and placing bottlenecks on the agenda in conflicting policy goals, and thus requires the municipal executive to urge the central government to clarify rules and tasks. “Farmers deserve to finally get clarity on what to focus on,” Castelen said. “Because if we focus not on theoretical nitrogen goals, but on a broader consideration of nature’s goals with room for cultivation, there could be room in the south of Holland for biodynamic and future agriculture.” The provincial council approved the proposal on Wednesday.

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