Brandsward Dagblad | Lokaal in Poortugaal is temporarily closed due to lead dust

The municipality regularly conducts preventive measures in Het Lokaal in Poortugaal to ensure a healthy indoor climate. This is important due to the use of the site by the shooting club. An increased level of lead dust was found during the recent examination of the Het Lokaal multifunctional space.

As owner and user, Albrandswaard Municipality and Welzijn Albrandswaard (WA) cleaned up the space and made new measurements on the advice of GGD. The result of this is not yet known. In the meantime, it was decided to temporarily suspend activities in Het Lokaal. The municipality and Welzijn Albrandswaard put the welfare and health of Het Lokaal visitors first, which is why measures were taken immediately. The place has been cleaned. Lokaal will not open again until follow-up measurements show that there are no longer any increased values.

Do you have any questions about the health risks of visitors to Lokaal in the past period? Then you can contact GGD via [email protected] Or via phone number 010-4339894. For information on lead and health, you can also refer to the GGDs national website: The municipality can be reached for questions via (010) 506 11 11. For information on the activities that will take place in Het Lokaal, you can visit the Welzijn Albrandswaard website at

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