Bread with rain in Europe, but summer weather is gaining ground | interior

Things are still going on in Central and Eastern Europe in particular: rain is falling from the sky, causing floods. In the west and south it is drier and brighter. Gradually, this calm summer weather is gaining ground and the temperature is increasing. In London and Paris the temperature can reach 30 degrees! ”, says meteorologist Jaco van Wiesel. Next week vacationers can count on sunny and pleasant weather with a temperature of 25-30 degrees.

Until then, the weather picture in Europe is “completely changing” with many rains and thunderstorms. “Especially in mountainous and mountainous regions such as the Black Forest, the Eiffel Mountains, the Alps, and the Dolomites, heavy rainfall can cause major problems. The water flows to the lowest point in the landscape and can cause the water level to rise there in a short time. Thus lakes, streams, and rivers can burst their banks.”

So campers who have a spot along the water should be extra alert in the coming days and move their tent, camper or caravan to a higher, drier location if the water begins to rise, the weather worker warns. Because of the clouds and rain it will not be warmer than 20-25 degrees in many places.


Van Wiesel: “Over the weekend and thereafter, the center of gravity of the fluctuations seems to gradually shift towards eastern Europe. In large parts of Germany it is often dry with more room for sun. It’s almost 30 degrees in Berlin. In Switzerland and Austria there is still a chance of some heavy rain and the temperature will be around 20 degrees.”

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In the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia it is often dry at first, but during the weekends this region has to deal with changeability. Heavy rains pass regularly, causing floods and floods here as well. With 25-30 degrees and high humidity it feels tight.

Quieter weather can be found in the far west and south of Europe. From Great Britain to Gibraltar there is a region with fairly dry and sunny weather. We also find this weather in southern Italy and on the Greek islands. Parts of France remain sensitive to clouds, but summer is full on the Cote d’Azur. The temperature in Marseille rises around 30 degrees and the sun shines abundantly.

“Summer heat is initially confined to the Mediterranean with maximum temperatures of 25-30 degrees in Portugal, Italy and southern France. In Spain and Greece the mercury reaches 40 degrees regionally! As the calm summer weather continues, the temperature will rise in Western Europe as well. The temperature in London and Paris could reach 30 degrees,” according to the meteorological report.

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