Breakdancing athletes are officially part of TeamNL

The Dutch Dancers are now an official part of TeamNL. NOC*NSF head coach André Cats symbolically presented the Dutch second-division girls and boys with their TeamNL uniforms on Tuesday in Papendal.

Breakdancing, also known as breakdancing, will be on the program of the Olympic Games in Paris for the first time next year. This summer the sport will also take place during the European Games in Krakow.

André Cats is excited to welcome our athletes to TeamNL. “Breaking is a beautiful addition to Olympic sport. The Dutch Breaking League (NBL) team has had great results in recent years, and it is great to now be part of TeamNL. I would find it enriching if some of you were part of the Olympic team in Paris next year.”

Because breaking is now an Olympic sport, we can reach and inspire more people

World champion Mino broke van Sock

Dutch dancers are among the best in the world. 16-year-old India Sardjo is not only a Dutch champion, but also a European and world champion. She explains: “I think this is a great opportunity for the broken scene. The focus for me right now is first on the European Games in Krakow next summer, which I’m really looking forward to. Then go to Paris!”

B-Boy Le-Le Demière shares the enthusiasm. ”everyone Nice – good We are now part of TeamNL. When I was young, I actually looked up to the athletes from TeamNL. It still feels weird that I’m now part of TeamNL. Paris 2024 is the dream. I hope I can represent TeamNL there.”

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World Champion Menno van Gorp adds: ‘Very cool that we are now part of TeamNL and we can be here together. Because breaking is now an Olympic sport, we can reach and inspire more people. The Olympic Games will be the big breakthrough for this sport.”

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