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BREDA – Municipal Council member Tim van het Hof and Water Board Director Hans Peter Verroen will give the go-ahead for final work on the tree frog’s Environmental Contact Zone (EVZ) on Thursday 17 February. The tree frog will soon be able to move 10 kilometers between Molenschotse Heide in Gilze-Rijen and Chaamse Bossen in Alphen-Chaam.

The creation of so-called “staging stones” creates an attractive landscape for the tree frog, but also for amphibians, insects, birds, and other mammals. Stepped stones are plots spread throughout the landscape, ranging from 4,000 m² to 50,000 m² with a natural design.

stronger population
Alderman Tim van Hoof: “Thanks to good cooperation with the Water Authority, the county, municipalities and other partners, we can now really give the tree frog its home and protect it. We are making optimal use of the vacant plots along Gilzerwouwerbeek to create 12 springboards there. These ensure that the tree frog is able to move and reproduce. , thus ensuring a large population. An additional advantage is that nature and therefore the living environment of the inhabitants will become more attractive. Another great step in the application of the green compass.”

water collection
Director of the Water Board Hans-Peter Verween: “The creation of small nature reserves and ponds creates favorable conditions for the breeding of tree frog and other animals. The natural area is an important part of the ecological, landscape and recreational values ​​of the Baroni. This natural development also provides the possibility of water collection during heavy rains and thus prevent floods.”

Tree Frog EVZ
Seven parties are working together on the EVZ Boomkikker project: the municipalities of Alphen-Chaam, Breda and Gilze-Rijen, Water Board Brabantse Delta, Ministry of Defense, Staatsbudgetheer and Toxandria Golf Club. The Province of North Brabant and the Brabant Green Development Fund will make a significant financial contribution to the realization of the project.

A strong ecological structure with a length of 10 km was created by the construction of “staging stones”, twelve of which are in the Breda territory. Half has already been achieved; The other half will be built at this point. The tree frog places great demands on its living environment and this was taken into account in the design. For example, the tree frog is spoiled with ponds for breeding, with a slope to warm itself and shelter against potential enemies.

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