Brendan Murphy predicts: “Australian borders to be closed throughout 2021”

© Haas F1 | Friday practice of the Australian Grand Prix 2020 was canceled due to COVID19.

Australia has been locked up since the beginning of the COVID19 crisis. COVID19 can have serious consequences for athletes during this time, for example, participating in tennis Australian Open. Athletes should be isolated for a long time, and they should be extensively tested for COVID19 before being admitted to competitions. Some tennis players have already tested positive for the virus.

According to Brendan Murphy, The Chief Medical Officer According to the Australian government, it is conceivable that Australia’s land borders will be closed to international passenger traffic for most of 2021. Although large areas of the population have already been vaccinated, the situation will not change at any time. A vaccine does not mean that the virus can no longer be spread. “I think there will be significant entry restrictions for most of this year,” Murphy said.

Brendan Murphy, since taking office last year, has been urging Prime Minister Scott Morrison to close Australia to foreign travelers. Formula 1 season does not start in Australia, but in Bahrain, on March 28th. That was decided last week Formula One management (FOM) and FIA. The race is now temporarily on the November 21 calendar. To be continued.

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