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He may be – by far – the Netherlands’ most successful pop artist of all time, the high-heeled slipper Iris dog He has the image of “the perfect son-in-law”. Marco Borsato To a powerful blow. The singer’s story can already be read on the page on Saturday Special at The TelegraphIn the evening he joined Linda De Mol For a second interview about an eventful past year.

at Linda WintermanOn SBS6, Marco announced that he had considered, among other things, stopping “with everything.” At one point, the singer felt so bad that he didn’t know if he wanted to continue. “Maybe I’ll stop everything. Maybe I’ll get out,” he thought out loud. “I’ve seriously thought about it. That’s how deep I go.”


Just like him telegraphIn an interview in which he talks about self-loathing, Marco said he struggles to forgive himself. And also because his eldest son was particularly angry with him. It confirms the relationship with his ex-wife Leonten And their children LucaAnd the Cinnamon tree at Jada It’s still very close. “They are loyal to both of us.” “That says something about nurturing, resilience,” says Marco, who sees his children every Thursday.

As expected, the rise of television caused a sensation on social media. The verdict from reactions is clear: either you are with him or you are against him. Supporters praise the singer, among other things, for the fact that he reveals his buttocks and is weak. For example, someone wrote: “He collapsed, broke, and divorced. It’s just intense and emotional, and yes: Marco is also just a human being.” Another: “Yes Marco was very stupid, but he’ll sit down and honestly admit it.”

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The role of the victim

But as it was said, not everyone agrees. For example, Marco is accused of playing the victim. “Seriously, as a woman, the man who puts his penis in another woman really bothers me, then plays the biggest victim. I can’t.” Another viewer says, “I understand it’s especially bad for Marco Borsato that he’s cheated on his wife all these years.”

The interview Linda would also be “non-critical” enough. “Marco Borsato has a lot of self-compassion. Nothing about how terrible it is for Leontine. It’s all about him. He was going through a tough time, it’s been cut up. Girlfriend Linda defends him and keeps completing his sentences. What an actor.”


Finally, Marco made fun of it Brett Decker, Who couldn’t wait for the interview to end. Presenter was with Wendy Van Dyck, The new presenter of the SBS Talent Program We want more And do not hide her opinion. Sorry, because something unfortunate is different from being sorry about what has been achieved. Now hurry up because my grandmother, mom and I are waiting We want more! “

Next Monday appears on the page Special at The Telegraph The second part of the interview with Marco Borsato.

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