Brexit also has dire consequences for the world of sport, especially football

These rules are as follows: A player who has played at least 50% of international matches in the two years prior to transfer will receive a work permit. Those who do not meet this requirement must score at least 24 points according to the new point system.

Eredivisie is a maximum of 5 points

There is indeed a tough hurdle to overcome: the Dutch Premier League (for both men and women) is ranked in the so-called Band 2, where a maximum of 5 points can be earned. Band 1, for comparison, includes the English Premier League, German League, Ligue 1, La Liga and First Division.

So it won’t be easy to move from the Netherlands to England and dream of moving as a talented young player. At the same time, it also means that there is a good chance the good players will remain in the Netherlands. KNVB said in its response that it is still studying the rules and does not want to talk too much about it.

What if the contract expires?

Playing in the tournament, the second division of men’s football in England, poses similar problems. Salaries are good, which is why the switch is so popular. Again, existing contracts are respected, but what if the contract expires? For a contract extension or new contract with another club, the player in question must suddenly meet the new, more stringent requirements of the point system.

Take ex-PSV player Florian Josephson. This season he plays through the rental building in Rotherham. The club does not yet know what will happen next. “If we’re happy with him and want to offer him a contract, that would be a problem indeed. But honestly, we haven’t looked at it yet.”

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