Brian De Palma (Mission: Impossible) for his criticism of ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’

George Lucas, the mastermind behind the Star Wars world, released the first movie in the beloved franchise in 1977. That’s how it was made New hope. The premiere has since become a legendary event in Hollywood. still want Brian de Palma Now to put a few things into perspective on this.

De Palma, also known as Scarface On intangible, they lived like Steven Spielberg, premiere in. Both directors are good friends with Lucas, although it has been said for years that Spielberg was the only one who appreciated seeing Lucas. According to De Palma, this is not true.

During a recent interview, De Palma said the following: “There are a lot of different stories going around. Everyone who attended the show tells us a different version of how it went, but the “fact” that only Stephen saw the Star Wars attributes is completely wrong!

De Palma also liked “A New Hope” and told Lucas, too. However, there were some elements in the movie that De Palma wasn’t a big fan of, including the term strength.

Thus, de Palma continues by saying:I remember everyone really liked the movie. Some were aware that the special effects were not complete. I myself was joking about The Force“.

I didn’t think it was a really good name, but then obviously I was wrong! I’m often portrayed as the one who criticized the movie a lot, but that’s not true.

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