Bridgerton Drama Series Breaks Record on Netflix

British fashion drama Bridgerton is his biggest series ever on the streaming platform, according to Netflix. Worldwide, 82 million households watched the show in its first 28 days of internet connection. This is more than Netflix itself had hoped.

The gallery smashes pots around the world, and is ranked # 1 in 83 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, India, France and Brazil. Netflix also announced that the show is among the top ten in every country it has come out with, with the exception of Japan. The series is also very popular in Belgium. It has been available in our country since Christmas Day, and at the end of last year it immediately took first place in the top ten of the most popular series in Belgium.

The series is a traditional British fashion drama set in London in 1813, the period of tutelage. The series is based on the popular book series of the same name written by Julia Quinn, a contemporary Jane Austen Epigon. The characters in the books, from two wealthy and rival families in London, attempt to marry off their daughters to the best possible husband. What is interesting about this series is that the creator Shonda Rhimes, who together with her production company Shondaland hit a series like Gray’s Anatomy, special training, scandal at How to get away with murder It was fully developed and brought out to a variety. Various characters are played by black and colored actors.

Leading actress Phoebe Denifor thinks the news that Bridgeton has a lot of viewers is “crazy.” She wrote on Instagram: “I am very proud of the amazing team behind this show.” Her opponent, Reggie Jean Paige, also celebrated the news. The series will have a second season.

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Netflix defines a “view” as content that has been played for at least 2 minutes. The previous record for “Best Series” was set in a fantasy drama the magician, Which reached 76 million views in its first 28 days of being online. The company often doesn’t offer insight into the watch numbers, which leads to criticism about self-reporting.

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