Bridgerton fans see a historical flaw in the opening scene …

Photo: Liam Daniel / Netflix

The Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’ was just released in Belgium and was instantly the most-watched series on the platform. But now fans have discovered some historical flaws in this series, which is filled with hairstyles, corsets and showy combinations.

“I didn’t know the British in the nineteenth century were such pioneers,” he apparently posted on Twitter. On social media, fans point to the creators of some historical bug that has crept into the series. And that really starts with the opening scene. In it, the characters are depicted in London in 1813. People with horses and carriages can be seen everywhere driving their cars through the palaces. But if you pay close attention, you can also see yellow parking lot lines on the ground. These lines did not exist at all in the nineteenth century. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the first yellow parking lines were drawn in the UK. “They recreated all of London at the GCI. (Digital Animator, Editor)But they can’t just remove parking lines, “it seems.

But there will also be some other flaws in the series. For example, seedless grapes are said to be eaten in Bridgerton and there is also a modern doorbell.

Fans see
Foto: Netflix
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