Bridgerton is the most-watched Netflix series of all time: 82 million times in three weeks

Shonda Rhimes’ romantic fashion drama, inspired by Julia Quinn’s historical novels, is also said to have topped Netflix’s rankings in 83 countries, including the United States, India, Brazil and Belgium.

Netflix announced this today. The previous record on Netflix for the most popular series in the first 28 days was a fantasy series the magicianWhich was watched by 76 million households, according to the live broadcasting service.

One caveat to the Netflix numbers is that they cannot be verified. Netflix usually keeps data about viewing habits and ratings for itself, unless there’s success to celebrate. What is known is that the streaming service counts someone as a viewer if they watch two consecutive minutes. So people who drop out in the middle or after the first episode are also included.

Set in the upper tier of the early nineteenth century in the United Kingdom, the series stands out because Shonda Rhimes has cast several actors of color for roles that fall within the genre’s traditions of white actors. The mix of pop music in classic arrangements and sexual scenes – in a previously wise genre – of the central romantic duo, played by Phoebe Denifor and Reggie Jean Paige, will also contribute to the series’ popularity.

Netflix also now has its second series of Bridgerton Advertise.

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