Bridget Masland doesn’t offer RTL Boulevard if it’s a live object | Currently

Bridget Maasland, a regular bidder for RTL BoulevardYou don’t want to be behind the desk when it’s a topic of discussion or close to the news. Presenter speaks in conversation with Robert Rudenburg She made an informed decision in this regard.

Maasland was not seen on the daily RTL show weeks after her split from André Hazes. “If you are a real, direct target, you cannot offer such a program,” says Masland. “It’s crazy to talk about a situation like this.”

Along with my editors RTL Boulevard Maasland discussed situations in which she takes a break from her job at a presentation. “Like that day, when he left his wife again, I don’t want to be there that night.”

With positive news, the presenter has fewer problems with it. “When he proposed to his ex-wife, I think that’s a good thing. At a certain point, we also move on, our lives are going just like everyone else.”

It also happens sometimes that editors contact Maasland to verify news or to request a response. If my business calls and asks, “Were you suggested that?” I can’t say “No.” I can say, “Nobody remembers, I’d rather keep it that way.”

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