Brief perhaps: the meeting between Xi Jinping and Charles Michel

The visit to China of Charles Michel, President of the European Council, may not be the grand encounter that the former Belgian prime minister might have hoped for. Chinese President Xi Jinping has other things on his mind now.

Why is this important?

The Chinese are tired of their government’s “zero COVID” policy; This is why an unprecedented massive wave of protest against the People’s Republic of China has erupted in recent days. Relatively low vaccination rates and little exposure to the virus have not boosted Chinese immunity to COVID-19. The infection rate has risen again in recent weeks, just as the Chinese economy has anticipated a significant easing of measures. China has been dealing with this health crisis for nearly two years now.

in the news: Charles Michel meets Xi Jinping on December 1, against one Very tense geopolitical background.

  • At the moment, the meeting between the two leaders is still on the agenda. But a lot will depend on what happens in China, where it is located in the country’s largest city Demonstrations break out.
  • The Chinese people, especially the youth, are tired of the harsh and merciless measures of the Beijing regime.
    • The demonstrators hold white papers. Secondary

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