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Capito wants Williams to be free

Williams will currently be an independent acting team. CEO Joast Capito confirms this in a conversation Race. There were rumors that the racing station would act as the Alpine B team, but that boat was blocking Capito. “Our goal should not become another manufacturer’s preference. If we show better results, we will automatically be interesting to other manufacturers. However, we want to be independent and not be bought by another group or another manufacturer,” he asserts. Williams has always been an independent team, but one Not the ‘A team’ or the ‘B team’. In our view, a B team is a racing standard and not an independent owner. ‘

Hamilton wants to return to the United Kingdom

Lewis Hamilton is reportedly planning to move back to the UK Britain, like many other F1 drivers, ‘lives’ in Monaco’s tax haven, but is in the process of renovating a villa in his home country. He plans to move here after his F1 career. “This is a place where I can finally call home, instead of the hotels where I now spend most of my time,” explains the world champion. “I hope in the future I can start my family there.”

W series postpones test days and announces new location

The Women’s Racing Championship, the W Series, is the opposite Formula Scout Test days before the new season were postponed and confirmed to be moved to a new location. The reason for this is an ongoing epidemic. The test days were originally scheduled to take place in Valencia from April 26-30, but have now been shifted to the Angles round in Wales and will take place from May 17-21. The new season begins on June 26 at Paul Ricard in France.

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Exploring the possibility of live streams via Formula 1 streaming services

Racefans Reports suggest that Formula 1 is investigating whether the Grand Prix can be streamed directly on services such as Amazon, Facebook and YouTube. Ian Holmes, director of Formula 1 media rights, said: “We are in constant contact with these companies. I dare not say that we are negotiating, but we are certainly pursuing discussions. ‘

Shoemaker: ‘You may almost regret the cut’

Sebastian Vettel had a bad winter test with his new team Aston Martin. In all three days, the German driver drove a much shorter kilometer than anyone, which is a cause for concern, says Ralph Schumacher. “You can almost feel sorry for Sebastian,” he explained Sky Sports. “We know he has to have confidence in his car to perform better.” Just then the cutter was unable to test many of the systems and parts of his car. ‘That poor guy will get in a completely new car soon. He has already said that the steering wheel feels different and he is not very happy about it. The misfortune that befell him during the winter trial also deprived him of the opportunity to change this. ‘

Alpine Race Director: ‘Alonso plays a vital role in our development’

David Privio, the racing director of Alpine, sees Fernando Alonso as one of the key drivers in the development of the French F1 team. “I see our team as an upside, in which Alonso plays a very important role.” That doesn’t mean there are only benefits to cooperation, the two-time world champion brings a sharp personality. “He listens to himself and those around him a lot,” Privio admits Speedweek. ‘Everyone is carried away by the way he works. Giving him a nice car is now ours. ‘

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Marco lurks in Aston Martin at judgment

Helmut Marco still disagrees with the way Aston Martin came up with the design of his car. Motorsport Shop I asked him what he noticed during the winter trials, and Marco knew what to do with that question. “That second Mercedes, like Aston Martin, had problems with the transfer, just like the big team,” said the Cross.

Four Ministries support Formula E racing in Eindhoven

Reports suggest that possible Formula E racing in Eindhoven has received widespread support from four different ministries. Formula-Eindhoven. In a statement to the Formula E organization in London, outgoing ministers Tamara von Ark, Cora von Nieuwenhuisen, Sigrid Gock, Boss von Waud and Secretary of State Mona Geizer expressed their support for future e-BRICS in the Netherlands. The notion that Formula-Eindhoven is evolving around racing in Eindhoven aims to accelerate the transition to future-proof and sustainable territory. According to Peter-Paul Lamans, head of Formula-Eindhoven, ‘there is overwhelming support and government support confirms the importance of e-BRICS for the entire Netherlands’.

Geovinassi: ‘C41 is easy to drive even if you lose grip’

Antonio Giovinci says the new Alpha Romeo C41 is easier to drive than its predecessors, despite the new tires and restricted regulations. “Overall, we lost grip as a result, but the car didn’t feel like I expected,” he explained. Autosprint. On the contrary, the C41 felt better than I initially thought. I found the car easy to drive, so I think we did a good job. ‘

The ‘DHL fast lap’ will be in Formula 1 in the coming years

Signed a multi-year contract with Formula 1 DHL, which extends the 17-year partnership. This means the mail courier’s name is associated with fast race labs, the well-known ‘DHL fast lap’. It is not yet clear how long the new contract will last.

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Russell: ‘Williams FW43B is very sensitive to wind’

According to George Russell, the new Williams FW43B is “extremely sensitive to wind” Britain completed this after being allowed to test the new car on the last day of testing. “The car will be very fast when the wind is favorable, but that too will quickly turn the opposite.” So the performance of FW43B is expected to increase further this year. Yesterday, Russell finished in the P6, but he is confident that the team will retreat a lot once the first Grand Prix begins.

Mercedes plans a dramatic test weekend in Bahrain on film day

It said there would be a day of shooting for the Mercedes-Bahrain round on Tuesday, March 16th Formula 1. However, the movie day was not used for media purposes, but for a few more kilometers in the W12 car it was disappointing. During the winter tests, it soon became clear that the car was still not performing well before 2021, so a shooting day is now planned to gather additional data.

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