British cinema chain cancels ‘anti-Sunni’ movie after protests

British cinema chain Cineworld presents all movie screenings Heaven’s Lady Deleted after protests by Sunni Muslims.

Heaven’s Lady British film that tells the story of Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. The film was controversial for its depiction of the Prophet Muhammad – which Sunni Muslims consider an insult – and for its portrayal of some important figures in early Islam.

More than 120,000 people have signed a petition to ban the film from being shown in British cinemas. As angry Muslims demonstrated in front of the cinema doors, Including in Birmingham.

movie script Heaven’s Lady Written by the Shiite cleric Yasser al-Habib (1979), who has lived in the United Kingdom since his exile from Kuwait.

According to critics Habib is an extremist who wants to stir up hatred against Sunni Muslims. Also in Iran, the world’s most important Shiite country, Habib does not sound good because his message is said to be very polarizing.

In response to all the hype, cinema chain Cineworld has decided to stop showing the film, “to ensure the safety of our employees and customers.”

Protesters allegedly acted like criminals and hackers and threatened employees, a Cineworld employee told BBC. “This is not something that can be tolerated in the UK…this is more than one movie. Today it is Heaven’s LadyTomorrow may be something dear to you.

British Health Minister Saeed Javid condemned Cineworld’s decision. You may not like what someone says, but that other person has a right to say it. Freedom of expression applies in this country and that is a core value.”

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The film’s cancellation once again surprised some non-Muslims. Commentator Brendan O’Neill Writes In the conservative British magazine viewer The hype reminds him of the Christian hype around the movie The Life of Monty Python by Brian (1979), Insulting Jesus. But Christians who were mocked by left-wing comments, O’Neill wrote, are now “silent” because it is about angry Muslims.

At the same time, Muslim protestors O’Neill had been deceived by “atheist followers”, he believed. “Radical Muslims who believe they should have a right to destroy a culture that infringes their religious sensibilities have clearly learned a thing or two from the brigade of secular abolition.”

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