British conclude a customs agreement with the United States | Currently

The United Kingdom has a customs agreement with the United States. The agreement, which contains agreements on customs procedures, makes it possible for the two countries to continue to trade freely with each other.

British Chancellor of the Exchequer Jesse Norman describes the agreement as an important agreement that will ensure continuity after Brexit. According to him, the agreement indicates the strength of cooperation between the US and British customs.

“This agreement allows us to continue working together to combat customs crime through the exchange of information and experiences. It also provides a legal basis for arrangements to facilitate trade flows to importers and exporters,” Norman said.

The agreement is not the same as the free trade agreement. The British still want a free trade agreement with the United States, but for now they are focusing on talks with the European Union about the Brexit deal.

Although last week it appeared that negotiations between the UK and the EU would end without a deal, it now appears that a somewhat more positive wind is blowing around the negotiations.

Improvement: In a previous version of this article we wrote that it was a trade agreement. This was later adapted to Customs agreement.

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