British humor: Elton John and Michael Kane promote vaccination | entertainment

The two British knighted stars can be seen in some kind of audition video where they try to land a role in a commercial with different pitches and in different places. “My name is Elton JohnThen it is also followed by the director’s voice that says, “Cut, showbiz a little less, Elton. When the batting machine takes the voice of a Hollywood actor after several shots Michael Kane Imitates a satisfied director.

It is important to know that all vaccines have been tested and meet the necessary safety and quality standards, ”continues Elton John. Acting as if he’s getting the vaccine, he sings“ I’m still standing, ”referring to his successful 1983 hit.“ As you can see, I’m still standing. This marked the end of the audition for the singer, after which Elton John could not fail to show some British humor by saying that the director “could not find anyone better for this role in such a short term”.

That’s when the director turned to 87-year-old Michael Kane, who in turn appears to have already received the vaccine. While the BatmanThe actor peels his meow off a chair, and says, “It didn’t hurt, many people don’t know that.” The director immediately thinks it’s the first “cool” shot, which ends the audition and the role of Cain is: “Let this little guy know he doesn’t have the job.”

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