British lawmakers withdraw Brexit UK-EU trade agreement ahead of schedule

The bill was conveniently passed from 521 to 73 following quick sessions in both houses of parliament. The agreement, finalized last week, marks a significant milestone in the more than four years since the UK voted to leave the EU.

Opening the debate on Wednesday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told lawmakers that the agreement would “open a new chapter in our national story” and allow the UK to “control our laws and our national destiny”.

“This bill, which is shared with our European neighbors – a new relationship between Britain and the EU equals sovereignty, friendship, trade, history, interests and values ​​while respecting each other’s operational freedom and sometimes we are afraid if we choose to do things differently Realizing nothing, ” Said Johnson.

The government bill is now expected to be sent to the upper house of parliament, the House of Lords; If passed, it is expected to receive royal approval.

The agreement, which has already received provisional approval from the European Union, was formally signed by European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel on Wednesday.

EU ambassadors gather to review Brexit trade deal on Christmas Day
“This is a long road. Now is the time to put Brexit behind us,” said Van der Leyen. Said on Twitter, Announcing the move. “Our future is made in Europe.”

The European Parliament is expected to review the agreement at a later date before it is formally ratified by the European Union.

The agreement with Brussels, the provision of fisheries, how the UK will use government assistance to support post-Brexit British businesses, and any legal oversight will establish a new trade and security relationship with the UK’s largest trading partner after months of stalemate. The deal struck.

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The agreement, which protects Britain’s tariffs and the Alliance’s unrestricted access to consumers, avoids the worst consequences from the UK as it fights a devastating epidemic from Brexit.

But it should give the economy a short-term boost, The trade deal will still keep the country in a state of poverty At a time when it is facing a job crisis and the worst recession in more than 300 years.

The deal appears to mostly involve the trade of goods, where the UK has deficits with its EU neighbors, but excludes key service industries such as finance, where it currently receives surpluses.

A Summary of the contract Published on the UK Government’s website.
Brexit is finally done.  This will leave the UK poor

Opposition leader Khair Stormer, who campaigned against Brexit, said the bill was “thin” and failed to protect trade in the service sector, but that Labor would support it by giving it a catastrophic alternative: leave the transition period without a deal.

The bill – 80 pages long, as opposed to the more than 1,200 pages of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (DCA) – has also been criticized for being rushed.

Published by the Hansard Society, a leading constitutional research organization a Website Describes the process as “ridiculous”.

“Parliament is considering the use of the TCA in less than 48 hours – a delay in making ‘no contract’ the only viable alternative and giving the most limited use to direct victims.” Written by Brigitte Fowler, a senior researcher at the Hansard Society.

As the number of Govt-19 cases in the UK continues to rise, the virus is spreading across the country.

But Wednesday was a ray of hope: University of Oxford / UK regulators approve use of astrogenogenic corona virus vaccine, Which is cheaper and easier to distribute than some competitors and can provide a way out of the plague to large parts of the world over time.

Hannah Giatti and Julia Horowitz contributed to this story.

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