British lockdown creates an uncertain situation for F1 teams

What consequences will the situation in Great Britain have for the Formula 1 teams stationed there? This is one of the many questions attached to first-class motorsports in the lead up to the 2021 season. There is a more contagious type of Coronavirus lurking in Great Britain, which makes travel to and from the UK extremely limited.

If this continues for too long, it will have far-reaching consequences for seven out of ten Formula 1 teams. Williams, Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, McLaren, Aston Martin, Alpine and Haas Formula 1 are based in Great Britain. However, the British are already busy getting vaccinated, which may provide the possibility of some relaxation in the near future. Formula 1 teams don’t have to travel until early March to take their only winter test, so they can sit back and see how the situation has developed.

The vaccination program

Speaking of vaccination There were rumors that Formula 1 was creating a massive vaccination program. Blake said that by vaccinating everyone inside the Formula 1 bubble, sport can reduce the virus’s impact on the 2021 season. None of the truth, a sports spokesperson responded on German N-TV. “I can confirm that this story is unfounded. Neither Formula 1 nor the FIA ​​have any plans for vaccinations.”


While Formula 1 has just introduced a revised calendar for 2021, doubts have already arisen about a future event. The Monaco Grand Prix can never guarantee a race without an audience. The circle circles the streets of the emirate and it is impossible to completely close it. The same problem looms for the Azerbaijani Grand Prix in Baku, and the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal is also in the danger zone. Monaco, Baku, and Montreal are all (semi) street circuits and need a longer hike, so they also need clarification ahead of time on how the event continues.

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