British media criticize Megan’s first podcast | Royals

In the British media, critical reviews of the Duchess of Sussex’s podcast have mostly appeared. newspaper references times One star, for example, gave the podcast describing it, among other things, a “parade of platitudes and absurdities.” Also criticize a columnist in Daily Telegraph It was not tender. She concluded, “Meghan’s podcast is just another way she can speak for herself.” The Spectator wrote that tennis fans who will listen to Serena Williams may be disappointed. “The show is just about Megan.”

There has also been positive feedback. For example, columnist Yasmin Dotiwala expressed her support for Prince Harry’s wife. “Meghan is a wonderful speaker, presenter, host and interviewer,” she wrote on Twitter. Courtney Buchen, tabloid editor The Daily MirrorMeghan was described as a “genius” on Twitter.

In the podcast series models Prince Harry’s wife talks to several guests about a different bias or stereotype that women have to deal with. In the second episode, Meghan talks with singer Mariah Carey. Later guests include actress Mindy Kaling and comedian Margaret Cho.

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