British Parliament debates Premier League: ‘if they don’t act we will’

In England, the Premier League plan has permeated even Parliament building. Oliver Dowden, Minister for Sports, Culture and Information, is vehemently against plans for a new European grand competition.

The Minister is leaving BBC I know he does not approve of the Premier League plans. “Our focus is on supporting our football partners in the UK, as well as across Europe. We will do everything we can to protect the much-loved game. The idea of ​​the Premier League goes against all it can. Football” Dowden said.

Dowden has spoken with UEFA and Football Association about the fight against the Premier League. “If they can’t perform, we will. We will do our best to remove these ideas from the table. We are studying every option. The government does not support the scheme of clubs that want to participate in the Premier League.”

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