British Prince Harry slams his brother William in a Netflix documentary series: ‘Terrifying how he yelled and yelled at me’

Harry and Meghan have made it clear that the most important thing for the royal family – or rather the family business – is the front pages of newspapers or the home pages of websites. Each royal family has a communications team that takes care of public relations. It was immediately clear to everyone that Megan was getting the most positive attention. Much more than the other members of the Windsor family. Megan has become the star.

“The problem is, she’s married into what should have been a supporting role, and then she attracts attention or does the job better than the one she was born to do,” Harry says. Then suddenly Tone in the reports, says Harry. Suddenly, words like Diva And the Tough Duchess (The Tough Duchess, ed.)

James Holt, Director of the Harry and Meghan Foundation (Archewell Foundation) and former spokesperson for the palace (2017-2019) says: “As some people in the Institute around the family began to see that this new pair could destabilize the power dynamic, the goal became to hide it or make it irrelevant. Related “.

There is a hierarchy within the royal house: the king and the heir to the throne are given absolute priority. In other words: they are the most important, you don’t snatch publicity in front of them.

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